Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Incredible Power of Serving.

I just attended a Millionaire Mind seminar put on by Harv Eker at the Westin Harbor Hotel in Toronto and had a blast! I just wanted to share with you the most important Key insight I got from the seminar so you can benefit immediately and begin substantially increasing your earning power:

In the seminar, Harv equates an entrepreneur as a problem solver. Entrepreneurs are people who solve other people's problems for profit. Just by taking this approach, your on your way to greater success.

With this in mind, write down a strategy for helping TEN TIMES as many people as your helping now. By doing this you are preparing to increase your wealth by TEN FOLD!

It all comes down to the law of serving: She who renders the greatest service, recieves the greatest reward.

BIG MONEY = BIG ACTION! Find a way to help TEN TIMES as many people as you are helping now, and GO DO IT NOW!

Can't you tell I'm pumped! :)


Sharif Khan
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