Sunday, February 06, 2005

Just Be Yourself

The real secret to success is being yourself. So many people are miserable and failing because they're trying too hard to be someone else or live up to other people's standards.

We are afraid that if we reveal our true self, people won't like what they see inside. And there's some truth to that. Some people won't like you for who you are and some most definitely will. And that's okay. Because if you try to please everyone, you please no one. But by being true to yourself you lift a lot of anxiety, worry, and stress off your shoulders.

I was watching the made for TV movie "See Arnold Run" on Arnold Schwarzenegger's life. The younger Arnold just starting out in his body building career told one of the best acting trainers in the world that he wanted to be a movie star. The trainer told him: 'be yourself, and you'll become a huge star.' Fortunately Arnold followed that advice. I was watching Steven Segal's A&E biography and when he came to America after years of Aikido and martial arts training in Japan, the top hollywood brass wanted him to act on screen. And so he began acting. He asked one of his students, actor James Coburn, about advice on acting. Coburn told him that the secret to acting is 'be yourself.' Segal followed that advice and became a huge star!

The same advice applies to success in any field: be yourself! Instead of trying to be a second rate Hemmingway, Brando, Gates, Sinatra, Elvis, or Kennedy be a first rate YOU!

I recently saw the movie "The Terminal" with Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta Jones. Some people liked it. I thought the movie sucked - big time! The acting with Tom Hanks was plastic and watching him try to play this Russian passenger stuck in the terminal, with this silly russian accent throughout the film, was difficult to watch. His performance was not believable. What made it worse was that the film was directed by non other than Steven Spielberg. Goes to show you that even two big names in hollywood can flop big time.

Just be yourself.

Sharif Khan
Author, Psychology of the Hero Soul

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