Thursday, January 27, 2005

Six Steps Towards Creating Lasting Change in Your Life

I just finished listening to Anthony Robbin's Power Talk audio, "The Six Master Steps to Change" where he interviews Mark H. McCormak, founder of billion dollar business IMG, on his success secrets, and also shared with his listener's how to create lasting change in thier lives.

Here is my summary of Tony's six steps:

1. Decide what you really want and what's preventing you from getting it right now to replace the negative habit you want to change in your life.

2. Get leverage. Link massive pain to not changing your habit and list what you're missing out on for not changing and link massive pleasure to changing by listing all the positive things you'd get from changing.

3. Interrupt your old patterns by doing something outrageous. For example an extreme chocoholic came to one of Tony's seminars. Tony made him commit to eating only chocolate and drinking water for nine days non-stop. Well, after 3 days, the guy was repulsed by chocolate.

4. Create an empowering alternative. In order to give up smoking, drinking, gambling, being messy and unorganized, feeling overwhelmed, or any negative habit, one has to replace it with some activity that will bring them joy and give them the same feelings of excitement to eliminate the boredom such as playing sports, dancing, writing, being in a relationship, etc.

5. Condition a new pattern. Anything you do over and over again with intensity and feeling develops into a new habit.

6. Test your feelings towards the new change you have created in your life. For example, if you continually feel rejected by the way your boss treats you, you could imagine yourself having that same conversation that made you feel uneasy before sense how you feel in that situation. If you are still feeling uneasy and fearful, you need to go back to one of the six steps and re-condition your mind.

[Taken from Anthony Robbin's Power Talk audio "The Six Master Steps to Change," 1994]

If you have any questions about these six steps feel free to email me at

Sharif Khan
Author, Psychology of the Hero Soul


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