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The Hero Soul Book Summary

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Psychology of the Hero Soul, by Sharif Khan, ISBN 0973192208 (Diamond Mind Publishing), 160 pages, $19.95 CDN/ $14.95 US, trade-paperback, Copyright © 2004, 2005

Book Summary
Psychology of the Hero Soul is an inspirational book on promoting heroes and responsibleleaders in the workplace and everyday life. It’s based on over ten years research in the field of human development and leadership. The purpose of the book is to awaken the hero within anddevelop people’s leadership potential. It is specifically designed to unlock people’s inner heropotential and inspire them to achieve success in a big way. To order, visit

Testimonials for The Hero Soul:

"Everyone has a HERO locked up in the deep recesses of their mind...when you discover it, your Self-Image will skyrocket you to previously unimagined rewards. As your eyes travel from one page to the next, you will suddenly become aware of the masterful job Sharif has done in guiding you to this special place. I love it, so will you."
- Bob Proctor, Chairman, Life Success Productions; author, You Were Born Rich

“An excellent book that will help you discover the hero within you.”
- Robin Sharma, author, The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari

“Our life is completed by modeling heroes. Here is your pick of some of the world's best heroes which will make your life richer, more meaninful and impactful.”
- Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator, #1 New York Times bestselling series: Chicken Soup for the Soul (R)


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