Thursday, April 12, 2007

The silly things authors do...

I was enjoying a cup of coffee today at the downtown Toronto Sheraton Hotel’s newly renovated swank lobby lounge, comfortably settled in a lush orange leather sofa immersed in a book, when I was approached by one of the hotel concierges.

He courteously offered me a pencil and pad saying that if I had any ‘cravings’ I could jot them down on the pad and that he’d drop by later to pick it up and see if I needed anything. (This was not in the restaurant or café but common hotel seating area).

On the “Cravings” pad were a number of selections (such as hot pretzels) with prices that could be checked off.

I felt it was an interesting and unusual approach which deserved an equally original response, so I jotted down the following craving on the pad that was so generously provided:

“a six-figure book deal (with $100,000 checked off in the price section)
Sharif Khan, Author of “The Hero Soul””

Having done so, I promptly left the scene of the authorial crime (to save both myself and the concierge from any unnecessary embarrassment).

I’m sure the concierge wasn’t impressed by my creative prose. Maybe if I had stuck around, the concierge would have brought back a book-deal contract with a check on a silver tray. Highly unlikely, but hey, you never know, maybe he’s related to some big shot publisher or acquisitions editor…you know, that whole ‘six degrees of separation’ kind of thing. ;-)>

Oh, the silly things that authors do…

Yours truly,

Sharif Khan
Author, The Hero Soul

P.S. Would you like to share some of your own silly experiences?? Feel free to share in my comments section!


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