Saturday, November 18, 2006

Billionaire Speaks: Complimentary Invite

I’d like to personally extend to you the opportunity of spending an evening with BILLIONAIRE BILL BARTMANN. If you ever wanted to meet a Billionaire this is your chance and he will share with you some key strategies to attain massive success in any endeavor.

The best part is it's F-R-E-E. All you have to do is register because seating is limited. When you register please use my name (SHARIF KHAN) for the “person who referred you”, thanks. To register online, go to: or you can simply scroll down and click on the Event email provided below to immediately reserve your seat before all the spaces get filled up. I found Mr. Bartmann’s seminar to be not only educational but also incredibly inspiring as he shared his life story and I hope you will too.

From the Desk of:
Sharif Khan
Copywriter, Inspirational Keynote Speaker,
Author of Psychology of the Hero Soul

Come spend an evening with a self-made Billionaire.

Discover the secrets to achieving personal and financial success from a man uniquely qualified to teach it, a man who went from broke to billionaire, an extraordinary man named Bill Bartmann.

Bill is coming to these US and Canadian cities to give his f.r.e.e. two-hour evening seminar:

Edmonton November 20, 2006
Calgary November 21, 2006
Vancouver December 5, 2006
New York City December 13, 2006
Toronto January 19, 2007
Phoenix February 24, 2007
Los Angeles May 19, 2007

If you'd like to finally understand what is holding you back in life and in business, and to break through this barrier to achieve success, then keep reading.


It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to become a millionaire or a billionaire or if you just want a bigger house, a nicer car, a better job, a healthier life or a happier relationship!

Bill will show you the secret to accomplishing any goal – without buying or selling real estate, trading stocks, or quitting your job (unless that is your particular goal).

Bill’s seminar is the only one conducted by a person who has actually achieved Billionaire status.

There are dozens of SELF-HELP and SUCCESS seminars that focus on teaching you how to exploit opportunities in real estate, stocks and bonds and a whole list of other “get – rich” techniques. Bill’s seminars are remarkably different. He doesn’t teach people how to buy real estate, although he owns millions of dollars worth of real estate. He doesn’t teach people how to buy stocks and bonds, although he has personally done over $3 billion in Wall Street transactions. Although he has made over a billion dollars in these arenas, he doesn’t teach people how to do either of these things. Instead, he shows them how to be successful with the tools they already have.

In this f.r.e.e. two-hour seminar he will share his copyrighted “Nine Steps To Set And Achieve Any Goal”.

These Nine Steps took him: from poverty and welfare to becoming the 25th wealthiest person in America; from homelessness to a 12,000 square foot home; from high school drop-out to becoming a lawyer and Harvard Business School case study; from working at a traveling carnival to being named National Entrepreneur of the Year, inducted into the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame and named one of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs for the last 100 years in America; from street gang member and teenage alcoholic to being awarded the American Academy of Achievement’s Golden Plate Award, previously bestowed upon five U.S. Presidents and three Nobel Prize winners, and earning a permanent place in Smithsonian Institute's Museum of American History; from bankruptcy to billionaire...

And these Nine Steps can take you from where you are – to where you want to be!

Come and join us for a F.R.E.E. Evening Event with Bill Bartmann.

This seminar is F.R.E.E. but attendance will be limited to those who pre-register on a “first come” basis. Tickets may be reserved by sending an email containing your name and the name of the person (Sharif Khan) who referred you to:

Reserve your seat at this life changing event – before all the seats are gone.

“Bill, why are you doing this?”

I am doing this for two reasons, the same two reasons that compel me to do is the “Right” thing to do and it also is the “Good” thing to do.

It is the “Right” thing to do, because I sincerely believe that the secrets I have learned over the course of my life will help others achieve their success. I am also a believer of the old saying “to whom much has been given, much is expected”. I have been given much and now I want to find a way to help others by sharing what I have learned.

It is also the “Good” thing to do. I am a businessman. You don’t get to billionaire status without understanding the rules of business. I learned at an early age to never insult a person’s intelligence and I am not going to do that now. I know that if you come to my two-hour f.r.e.e. seminar and you get REAL VALUE out of what I share with you in that two-hour time frame, you will want more. If I deliver REAL VALUE you will want to participate in my year-long Billionaire Mentor Program that will help you succeed.

Now is this some trick – where I lure you into a two-hour seminar and then persuade you to buy my stuff – no, it isn’t. It is quite the opposite. I’ll tell you now and I’ll tell you at the two-hour seminar, I don’t want you buying anything that won’t help you or that you can’t afford. I don’t need your money. Instead, I will give you two hours for F-R-E-E and then you can make an intelligent decision of whether there is more I can teach you.

I hope I get the chance to meet you and I hope you will let me help you achieve the success you deserve.


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