Saturday, May 20, 2006

Free Hero Soul Book Discussion Guide

Dear Readers,

As a way to further enhance your reading experience and deepen the concepts learned in "Psychology of the Hero Soul," I have developed a complimentary Hero Soul Book Discussion Guide to go along with my book. To get your free copy, simply email me at with "Hero Soul Book Discussion Guide" in the subject line and I will email you a copy.

You can use the Hero Soul Book Discussion Guide for your own personal study and reflection or with discussion groups in book clubs, classrooms, workplace meetings, conferences, lunch and learns, etc. to stimulate lively discussion on the hero's journey, characteristics of heroes, and leadership development and personal development concepts mentioned in the book.

Also, as an additional resource and motivational/inspirational support system, you can subcribe to the free Hero Soul monthly e-newsletter by visiting the hero soul website for cutting edge advice on leadership and personal and professional development. Go to and click on the "Free Newsletter" link to subscribe now.

Cordially yours,

Sharif Khan
Freelance Writer, Inspirational Speaker
Author, Psychology of the Hero Soul

Quotes from the Author:

"Heroes are rebels with a cause. Rebels because they challenge the traditional ways of thinking and refuse to follow the herd. They have a cause, a vision, that's larger than life." - Sharif Khan, author of Psychology of the Hero Soul

"Greatness is a choice. And choice is the democratic equalizer of all people. Everyone, regardless of their rank, social status or income level has the power to choose great over good." - Sharif Khan, author of Psychology of the Hero Soul


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