Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hero Soul Special Offer

Pre-press discount offers for “The Hero Soul” by Sharif Khan:

Strong sales make it necessary for “The Hero Soul” to go back on press.

Offer #1 Place a quantity order before June 22 and receive a substantial pre-press bonus discount.

Offer #2 Recommend “The Hero Soul” to an associate and it results in an order, you will receive complimentary copies equal to 10% of the order.

To take advantage of either limited time offer, please contact Sharif Khan at (416) 417-1259 or by email:


At 12:02 PM, Blogger Murthy BS said...

Hello Sharif:

Mr.David Davidar's candid picturisation of the hurdles on the publishing track would help all those who fall by the wayside failing to cross them. Though David the publisher is helpless to bring the Devil that grips the publishing world to book, Davidar the philosopher seems to balm the bruises of the unpublished writers and unheralded authors.

You deserve the gratitude of the treated for posting the prescription on the network. Just the same for the full symptoms one may see " Indian Publishing World - Doamin of the DEvil" that I posted on the ryze network.

Best regards,

BS Murthy


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