Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Power of Promise

I attended a seminar last night put on by Brian Klemmer, a world renowned organizational change expert and wanted to share some golden nuggets that I found particularly useful (Klemmer came across to me as a very whole, congruent person).

The fastest way to create change:

1. Intention
2. Risk
3. Promise


1. When your INTENTION (goal, objective, deepest wish) is clear - a way appears. Get clear on your intention. Even though you may have conflicting intentions/desires, the Bigger intent always wins. Write down exactly and specifically what you want to have happen in 30 days.

2. Put yourself at RISK. Don't choose a ho-hum goal. Stretch yourself, but at the same time don't go in la-la land by picking something so ridicuolous that you know in your mind you have no real intent to accomplish. Put yourself at risk by getting out of your comfort zone and breaking your record. Klemmer relates comfort as a drug, 'comfort is cocaine.'

3. Make a PROMISE to people you care about and respect. Put yourself on the line. For example, a rather macho person could declare to peers: "I promise I will lose 10 pounds in the next 30 days. If I don't, I give you my word as a man, I will dress up as a ballerina at the next men's leadership group meeting!"



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