Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Success Tips

From time to time, I try out ‘success ideas’ to test their validity or come up with intriguing insights that I just can’t wait to share with my loyal readers. Well, this is one of those moments! Actually, I have TWO quick tips for you:

Tip # 1
You cannot receive more, if your cup is full. In order to receive new inspiration and ideas, one must clear their mind of clutter through meditation. This applies to physical space as well.

My closet was full of old clothes I wasn’t wearing but was still hanging on to for both sentimental reasons as well as not wanting to pay for new clothes. I saw it as wasteful to buy new clothes when I had plenty of perfectly good clothing. Only problem was that certain clothing didn’t suit me anymore and I didn’t like the way they looked on me.

To make a long story short, I emptied my closet of ALL clothing that I hadn’t worn in a long time and donated it to a used clothing facility and said to myself, “I am making room for the universe to provide me with quality clothing I will enjoy wearing and look good in.” Well, within a month, I was talking to a good friend, and out of the blue, he just asked me what size I wore. Turns out my size was close to his. Next thing I know, I’m carrying out a huge bundle of quality clothing from his house (Armani’s, Polo’s, Christian Dior’s, suits, ties, pants, shirts, you name it!). They were used clothing, but in mint condition and most had just been dry cleaned! He just gavethem to me for no particular reason!!

You can do the same: get rid of old clothes in your closet, get rid of that ripped sofa you’ve had for years, or those lack-luster drapes that have been annoying you for so long. GET RID OF THEM NOW! Preferably give them away or donate them. Then just sit back and allow the universe to provide better stuff. In the process, you will raise your standard of living. [Don’t know where I got this idea originally, but I heard it a second time listening to one of Bob Proctor’s Freedom Series tapes and applied it immediately!]

Tip # 2
Take a hundred dollar bill or greater and go ‘abundance shopping.’ For at least a couple hours or half a day, go around the mall or your favorite shopping spot, looking at stuff that you really like. Pick out items and make Mental purchases, saying to yourself, “Ooooh, I really like that! I can get that with my hundred bucks. Oh this is really nice too, I can buy that, I have more than enough! I love that elegant Schaeffer pen, I can get that too!”

Just walk around making thousands and thousands of dollars worth of ‘emotional purchases’ with that one hundred dollar bill. What you are doing is creating the psychology of abundance instead of lack thoughts such as: “Gotta pay those bills. That’s too expensive. Can’t afford that right now.” (Which your mind accepts as your reality and perpetuates lack).

When I first tried this, within a matter of a few weeks, sometimes days, I started getting business deals or money coming to me from unexpected places. A person who owed me money who hadn’t paid in a while and who I didn’t expect to ever pay, called me out of the blue and said he had my money! It’s great! Give it a try. [I got this idea from reading “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings” by Lynn Grabhorn]

Sharif Khan (http://www.herosoul.com/; sharif@herosoul.com) is a freelance copywriter, motivational speaker, and coach. He is author of, Psychology of the Hero Soul, an inspirational book on awakening the hero within and developing people’s leadership potential. Khan provides inspirational keynotes and leadership seminars to help people live heroically.To contact Sharif directly, call (416) 417-1259.

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