Monday, April 04, 2011

Power of Story

"We all have a story we tell ourselves; change the story and you change your destiny." - Sharif Khan, author of THE HERO SOUL

* Stories have the power to transform, inspire and motivate. But they also have the power to tear down and destroy. Story is the lens from which we perceive the world, governing our behavior and ultimately leading to a self-fulfilling – or story-fulfilling – prophecy.

Have you given some serious thought about the internal story you may be telling yourself? Compare these two stories and see if any of the threads weave into your storytelling:


I’ve tried so many times and failed. Nobody cares. It’s impossible to find real, fulfilling work in these tough economic times. I guess I’ll have to settle for less. Celebrities have it so easy; they have no idea what life is like for the rest of us. When will I get my lucky break? Who will discover me? It’s no use, I’m just not talented enough; I’m not worthy of success. Why does life have to be so unfair? There’s little to hope for in this dark world.


People care because I CARE! I’m not afraid to show PASSION & ENTHUSIASM in my work. I can solve any problem if I’m committed enough. Every setback, rejection, failure is a stepping stone to success and is in fact an OPPORTUNITY to learn, grow and be creative. I create my own luck by working hard and smart while others complain. I prosper by doing what I love and I deserve all the success coming to me because I add value in people’s lives. I look forward to a bright future, and I’m doing my part by shining a light in the world and making a difference in my community. I’m truly blessed!

Two very different stories leading to two very different outcomes. While none of us would like to think we’re remotely associated with Story #1, the fact is that when we interact in the world and associate with some of our peers and ‘friends’ or turn on the news, elements from Story #1 begin to break through the inner realms of our unconscious.

If you’re not careful about it, those negativity seeds will take root in the soil of your unconscious and spring forth weeds that will begin to entangle your dream story and pull you down. It’s important to be vigilant right from the onset.

When you catch yourself voicing negative story threads, saying something like ‘cancel, cancel, negative thoughts and suggestions have no influence over my mind’ might seem a bit hokey, but it actually does help check the flow of negativity by raising your awareness.

A simple exercise you might want to try to crystallize your dream story is to write a one page short story where you are the HERO of your own story. Describe your IDEAL DAY from dawn to dusk. What would your ideal day look like, assuming all your dreams had come true? Write your story in the first person present tense using lots of vivid detail: what are you seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, thinking, touching, and emotionally feeling?

Have fun with it. Review your story often. Endeavor to live out the story of your dreams and one day, as the great philosopher Henry David Thoreau once said, you “will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

To YOUR Success Story!

Sharif Khan
Freelance Writer, Essayist
Author of "Psychology of the Hero Soul"
An inspirational book on awakening the hero within

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