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Near Life Experience

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1. Quote of the Month

“Every difficulty in life presents us with an opportunity to turn inward and to invoke our own submerged inner resources. The trials we endure can and should introduce us to our strengths.”
— Epictetus, Greek Stoic philosopher (55 AD – 135 AD)

2. Near Life Experience

World renowned peak performance trainer, Jack Canfield, was once asked in an interview which book most influenced his life. He replied that Dr. Raymond Moody’s book, Life After Life, made a tremendous impact in his life as an author and coach.

Canfield went on to recount how Dr. Moody studied several hundred people who had near-death experiences in which they were clinically ‘dead’ for several minutes. Dr. Moody found they all experienced a similar phenomenon of this lifting out-of-body sensation traveling through a dark tunnel, and at the end of the tunnel, encountering a spiritual being of light that loved them unconditionally.

The part of the book that really struck Canfield (reading this sent shivers through my spine!) was when he recalled that, according to Dr. Moody’s research, these people were asked just two questions by this loving being of light: “How have you expanded your capacity to love?” and “What wisdom have you gained from your experience?” [Taken from Barnes and Nobel’s ( “Meet the Writer” section for Jack Canfield].

Dr. Moody’s book title leaves us with a clue that perhaps these so called near-death events should actually be called ‘near-life’ experiences because the people undergoing this phenomenon are brought closer to the real meaning of life and the experience of being truly alive. After stripping away all the non-essentials, isn’t that what life is really all about? Love and wisdom.

But when life hands us a particularly difficult challenge, instead of making out of it a hearty stew of love and wisdom, we often become like dead people walking – draining our life force by angrily fighting the challenge, or by complaining about it, or denying it, or numbing ourselves from the pain by popping pills, drinking, or indulging in other distractions.

Every challenge, every difficulty, every misfortune - whether it’s dealing with a difficult boss, an unexpected layoff, a hostile relative, a bankruptcy, an illness, a divorce, or a bitter foe - all these events are special gifts from the universe to help us grow as spiritual beings who are truly alive to the human experience. Embrace these challenges as rare opportunities to help you expand your capacity to love and gain ever increasing wisdom.

Small goals and small problems don’t really help us grow all that much. Welcome the big ones! You have to tear muscle to build it by lifting a sufficient amount of weight. Welcome the big challenges as character-building exercises to help you grow beyond your perceived limits.

The Hero’s Journey is all about courageously facing these life-challenges and assimilating them into ever expanding spheres of love and wisdom to re-connect and tune with the higher Self. Delve deep within and you will find yourself bathed in this all-enveloping, all-forgiving, all-accepting field of love. As The Journey author, Brandon Bays, likes to say, “You are the love that you have been seeking.”

Love and Wisdom,

Sharif Khan
Freelance Writer, Copywriter, Speaker
Author of “Psychology of the Hero Soul”
An inspirational leadership book on awakening the hero within
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3. Recommended Reading

1. Life After Life by Dr. Raymond Moody.

2. If you are on a healing journey, you may enjoy reading The Journey by Brandon Bays.

3. Herman Hesse’s classic novel Demian is an extraordinary read about a young protagonist’s journey of overcoming overwhelming darkness and difficulty and ‘eventual awakening to selfhood.’

4. If you enjoyed my Law of Success series on Napoleon Hill’s achievement philosophy based on studying over 500 of the world’s greatest achievers, you may not be aware that there is now a completely restored and revised edition of Hill’s classic bestseller, Think and Grow Rich. This is a must read how-to book on achieving personal success. It’s fully restored to its original manuscript content and annotated with more than 50 pages of end notes including an index and an appendix with a wealth of additional information on Hill’s life and his exhaustive work in developing the world’s first personal success philosophy.

5. For women in career transition, I recommend Heather Resnick’s book, Women Reworked. In Women Reworked, Heather has done a commendable job in offering both practical advice, resources, tips, and tools for career women in transition as well as providing uplifting, heart-warming stories of women who have beat the odds to pursue their dream careers.

P.S. If you enjoyed this edition of my Hero Soul ezine but have not yet had a chance to get my book, Psychology of the Hero Soul, then I think you might really enjoy the read because it takes you through the experience of the hero’s journey and helps provide you with guidance and courage in overcoming obstacles while inspiring you to dream BIG and reach for the stars!

Here’s what Bob Proctor, star of The Secret movie, has to say about Psychology of the Hero Soul:

"Everyone has a HERO locked up in the deep recesses of their mind…when you discover it, your self-image will skyrocket you to previously unimagined rewards. As your eyes travel from one page to the next, you will suddenly become aware of the masterful job Sharif has done in guiding you to this special place. I love it, so will you."

4. Special Introductions

I’d like to introduce you to two amazing healers: Rita Bonnici (, who is a Reiki Master, and Sue London (, who is a Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach trained in the EFT Emotional Freedom Technique. Both are committed to bringing unconditional love in the powerful healing process.

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Nimisha Raja (, a rising star in the vegetarian health field who is committed to “helping people adopt a healthier, ecological, compassionate lifestyle.”

Nimisha is a client of mine and I have been successfully coaching her to develop her latest book project which will address the significant environmental impact of our food choices and show busy people how to easily adopt healthier eating habits.

Here’s what Nimisha has to say about my book coaching service:

“Sharif Khan is a professional in his own right. I solicited his book coaching services for my fledgling book project, hoping to just get some general advice and a starting point. Sharif rose above my expectations with his encouragement, gentle support and solid knowledge of the book publishing industry. He guided me through the preliminary research I needed to do, and gave me specifics on how to write a book proposal and query letter. He also provided valuable marketing direction for the book as well as my workshop business. I now feel confident enough to move forward with this project after just four sessions with Sharif.”

If any of these people resonate with your mission in life or if you feel they can be of any help to you, I encourage you to contact them and say hello.

To a healthier, happier planet!

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Yours truly,

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